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Dark Side of the Moon Deluxe

Score: 90%
ESRB: Not Rated
Publisher: Southpeak Interactive
Developer: Southpeak Interactive
Media: CD/6
Players: 1
Genre: Adventure/ RPG

Graphics & Sound:

Dark Side of the Moon is mostly cinematic based, and the actors most likely filmed their roles on a blue screen, where animators and programmers added a computer generated world around them. Generally, rating graphics on this type of game should be based on how well the live action video has been compressed to avoid breakup and pixelation, and by this standard, Dark Side of the Moon definitely excels; very clean full motion video and smooth background transitions.

The sound has all the trimmings and fixings of a medium budget motion picture. It’s well orchestrated, and created a nice atmosphere for a science fiction thriller.


Dark Side of the Moon has quite an innovative take on controlling your character. You take part in a first person perspective by clicking arrows above, below, and on both sides of the cinematic screen. This allows you to have full interaction in all directions with your environment with no breakup while still managing to keep its cinematic look. This lets you for the first time to have freedom within a 3D environment with a live-action character. Quite impressive SouthPeak. I applaud this originality.


Due to the great interactive ability and freedom of this game, you, as a gamer, are looking at many (and I mean many) hours of action-packed, puzzle-filled adventuring hours while you attempt to find out the mystery behind your inheritance of your uncle’s alien property claim. The puzzles do start off a bit easy. However, this is necessary to keep the plot building and character development at a pace which keeps the game from getting too boring.

Game Mechanics:

You’re given a cinematic area of play with arrows on all sides, in which you click to look and move around the environment. On the side of the cinematic square, you’re shown your inventory backpack which you may open and use items within the square. This backpack is also where you may store items gained throughout the game. You then adventure around an alien world meeting new characters and solving puzzles in order to achieve your final goal.

What truly makes Dark Side of the Moon special is its innovative control system, which for the first time gives you an immersive experience within a cinematic-based game. Originality, originality, originality!!!!! This is the major plus of Dark Side of the Moon. The programmers took a chance in attempting to create a new form of gaming, and I truly believe they succeeded in creating a truly good game. Also, a very nice thing to note is the fact that Dark Side of the Moon Deluxe comes with not only the six CD PC game, but also the DVD version and a Strategy Guide. Southpeak is looking out for ya.

-Sabumnim, GameVortex Communications
AKA Larry Callier

Minimum System Requirements:

P166, 32 MB Ram, 8x CD, 150MB HD space

Test System:

AMD K6 400, 128MB Ram, 44x CD, TnT2

Sony PlayStation 2 GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Windows Disciples: Sacred Lands

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