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Score: 90%
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: Reflections
Media: CD/1
Players: 1
Genre: Racing/ Action/ Mission-Based Driving

Graphics & Sound:

Everything about this game is exactly as it should be; everything from the rumble of an idling engine to the sound of bending metal and breaking glass. The graphics are absolutely superb! The 3D architecture is fantastic, although they do demand a lot from your PC. If it can handle it, Driver will be one of the best games youíll ever own.

If you happen to like music in your games, the tracks are great! They really get you pumped up for the action.


So you are the wheelman! Actually, youíre an undercover cop named Tanner whoís posing as a getaway driver for hire to whoever calls up your answering machine. Unfortunately, youíll have to pass the driving test at the beginning of Driver before you can proceed to your missions. It covers all the moves of the game like doing a 360 degree turn and peeling away from where you sit. This is going to take some practice, though. Itís not as easy as you may think. But once youíve passed it, itís off to the mean streets of New York, San Francisco, and Miami! Youíll start off in your apartment where you can change your options, pick you next mission, or save the game. To pick your mission, you have to play the messages on your answering machine, and if you happen to have more than one, then you can pick which one sounds most appealing to you. Then youíre placed into your car; most times you have to beat the clock, outrun the cops, and find the quickest way to your destination in order to succeed. Once youíve completed the mission, you can review the whole chase, edit it, and basically make it into a high speed chase scene like in the movies.


WOW! I hate timers! And Driver is full of them. Some missions took several attempts to finish them, mostly because I had to find by trial and error the quickest way through the streets. Then, if the cops get on your tail, you have to lose them before you can stop at your destination. You can set the difficulty of the cops though, but even at the easiest setting, theyíre still tough to lose. Oh, and letís not forget about all the other cars on the road that feel the need to cross in front of you, jump out into intersections, and generally make your life a living hell!

Game Mechanics:

One suggestion for those keyboard lovers, REMAP THE KEYS! I found the default settings were not the best for driving a car at high speeds. But if you happen to have a gamepad or joystick, thatíll be even better. However, youíll still need the keyboard to do some functions like changing views and honking at the other cars. Nothing too complicated about this though. Driver is just a driving game with a twist. Anyone that gets a hold of this game will spend hours bugging their eyes out at their screens, trying to complete all the wicked missions. Good luck to everyone.

-Paradox, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ryan Whitten

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98, Pentium 233, 80MB HDD Space, 16MB RAM, 4MB 3D Accelerator Card and a 16X CD-ROM

Test System:

Pentium II 233, 3.2 GIG HDD, 64MB RAM, 32MB 3D Accelerator Card and a 24X CR-ROM

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