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Didi and Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King

Score: 90%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Kutoka Interactive
Developer: Kutoka Interactive
Media: CD/1
Players: 1
Genre: Edutainment

Graphics & Sound:

Didi and Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King continues the colorful claymation-like graphical style set in their Kindergarten title. Each character, from the beavers to the wolves and all of the other characters of Jako's Valley, are large and full of detail. Just like the previous title, both the scenery and characters are just really nice to look at and help to keep the attention of the little ones firmly on the game.

First Grade also seems to be about on par with the previous game, though it seems like some of the chopped off sound clips were cleaned up and overall the vocal issues that were apparent in Kindergarten are gone. These cleaned up sound effects help to improve the game's overall feel and keep you from being pulled out of the immersive experience a lot more. Such was not the case whenever a character's sentence was cut short or didn't play at all.


Didi and Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King starts off with the wolves banding together and forcing the residents of Jako's Valley to do what they say. In order to survive, the animal residents must recognize the Wolf King as their leader and do whatever his various lieutenants say.

That's where our heroes, Didi and Ditto, come in. The beavers challenge the Wolf King. They claim that beavers are smarter than wolves --and if they prove it to the Wolf King, then he and his pack will leave the valley. But if they should fail, one of the two beavers (the one that you didn't choose to play as) will be the Wolf King's personal servant.

So now one of the beavers will travel across the valley challenging each of the king's men to some sort of educational challenge. These tasks range from shapes, measuring, subtracting, problem solving, syllables, vocabulary, word origins, plurals and proper nouns - and that's just the math and reading subjects. The science skills that are practiced include identifying and classifying objects, animal anatomy, human anatomy, reading maps and other similar skills.

Didi and Ditto also has activities that allow the child to make short musical works, mix colors and do some basic drawing.

All-in-all, these various activities are a great way to help your child build upon the topics discussed in the classroom. This is a great way for children to spend an afternoon when they get home from school. From what I've seen, kids love the Didi and Ditto characters and they enjoy the tasks that are set in front of them.


Didi and Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King is a nice challenge for first graders. Like most edutainment titles, you will typically do each task three times before you beat the job, and subsequently, the lieutenant wolf in the area. Of course, each time you run through a task, the patterns become more complicated or the words become a bit longer.

This tried and true method helps to reinforce the practice as well as increase the challenge of a particular task.

Game Mechanics:

Didi and Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King's point-and-click interface system makes it easy for the young gamers to find the missions that they must get past in order to win back Jako's Valley. The semi-static scenery reacts to the kid's mouse movements as they hover over various objects that either are the subject of the task or just play some cute little animation.

Didi and Ditto: The Wolf King is a game that will definitely help your little one do better in the first grade. The various activities that The Wolf King offers are designed to reinforce the skills that your child will need to know in order to succeed in the early years of school.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98, 2000, Me, Xp, Pentium II, 128 MB RAM, DirectX compatible Video and Sound, 12X CD-ROM, 560 MB of hard drive space.

Test System:

Toshiba Satellite series laptop; Windows XP Home Ed.; 2.0 GHz Celeron; 1GB RAM; 24X DVD/CD ROM; 32 MB 3D accelerator.

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