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Battlefield 2: Euro Force

Score: 85%
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: EA Games
Developer: Digitial Illusions (DICE)
Media: Download/1
Players: 1 - 64
Genre: First Person Shooter/ Squad-Based/ Action

Graphics & Sound:

One new army means another 200 hundred ways to get blown up in Battlefield 2: Euro Force expansion pack. Dice and EA have added an exceptional new army to its ranks with its new booster pack. This new army comes armed to the teeth with four new vehicles, five new standard kit weapons, two new unlockable weapons and three new maps.

There have been no new advances in the world of the core gameplay with graphics or sound. The 1.21 patch that accompanied the release addressed small glitches such as the ability to shoot and flop on the ground. Called a "dolphin flop", it makes the shooter hard to hit and doesn't affect his accuracy as he flops. It also prepares the game's framework for their new download delivery system. More on that later.


Where to begin. Where to begin. There is so much here for everyone. So, let us start on solid ground and begin with the maps. All of the maps in the Battlefield series change depending upon the number of players the map will allow. There are three new maps with Battlefield 2: Euro Force: Great Wall, Taraba Quarry, and Operation Smoke Screen.

Great Wall is excellent for back and forth battle when played with two seasoned teams. The map is huge, allowing for a balanced, multi-dimensional battle when played in the 32-player version. The map is split in half by, you guessed it, a great wall with a central village. There are many entrances on foot and only a few with vehicles. This is truly a sniper's dream, with many areas to conceal yourself and more importantly, your claymore mines. Balanced assault and support is key. There are tanks and light armor transports, but they are easy pickings from the walls that encircle the central village area inside of the Great Wall.

Taraba Quarry is definitely for the fly-boys. Again, an evenly split map with the quarry dividing the two sides. There is not much for a jet to use as cover, so you must strike on target and get out quick. There are only a few areas for heavy armor to scurry across open ground. A good pilot will have a field day here - unless of course, there is an equally talented AA vehicle driver. I really think this map could have used the helicopters along with at least one or two more well-placed stinger missle set-ups.

Last but certainly not least is my favorite, Operation Smoke Screen. This mission feels to me what it would be like to roll across the desert in a tank division and take care of the objective. Flat, with some buildings spattered here and there for assault troops to scurry to when you open fire. There are plenty of tanks and light armor vehicles to go around. There are also tank-chewing helicopters to keep an eye to the sky for. The map is open for air to air, and smoke stacks and windmills provide cover for movement.

The new weapons are your standard fare. The sniper is for long distance and the sub-machine gun is for up close. I couldn't tell a remarkable difference in the standard kit weapons from one team to the next. The best weapons are still the unlockable ones. This booster adds a new sniper and anti-tank unlock moving the total number of unlocks for each kit to two.


As is true with all of the weapons and vehicles, there is a certain level of finesse that you will have to get comfortable with. You will get better with time and practice. The new tanks' barrels are slightly off center, which if you are comfortable with the other variations, may throw your eye off a little. "X" in your cross-hairs still marks the spot.

Game Mechanics:

EA has unveiled their new download system with Battlefield 2: Euro Force. This system allows you to purchase and download games and booster packs directly from EA. This is exactly what Valve is doing with their Steam Downloader. Once you purchase an item, you download it to your PC. It has been designed to work only on the PC it has been downloaded to. They also provide game trailers and patches to be downloaded through this system. It is another step towards curving the piracy of games.

Euro Force is a great addition to the Battlefield 2 family. I hope to see at least one or two more of these booster packs prior to the arrival of there already announced Battlefield 2142. See you on the battlefield now, or in the future.

-WUMPUSJAGGER, GameVortex Communications
AKA Bryon Lloyd

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP (32 bit version) with Administrator rights, Processor: 1.7 GHz or faster processor, RAM: 512 MB or more RAM, Video Card: Supported 128 MB video card with the newest manufacturer drivers, CD-ROM: 8x or faster CD/DVD drive, Hard Drive: 2.3 GB free hard disk space plus space for the Windows swap file and save data

Processor: 2.4 GHz or faster processor Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4, Xeon, Extreme Edition, Celeron D AMD Athlon XP, Athlon 64, Athlon 64-FX, Sempron, RAM: 1 GB or more RAM, Video Card: Supported 256 MB video card with the newest manufacturer drivers, Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon X700 (PCIe), X600 (PCIe), X800 XT Platinum Edition, X800 PRO, X300 series. 9800 series, 9700 series, 9600 series, 9559 (RV350LX), 9500 series, 8500 series N


Test System:

Windows XP Pro, 3.2 GHz P4HT CPU, 2 GHz Ram, 256 PCIE 16 ATI X300

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