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Battlefield 2142

Score: 94%
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: EA Games
Developer: Digitial Illusions (DICE)
Media: DVD/1
Players: 1 - 64 Online
Genre: First Person Shooter/ Squad-Based/ Shooter

Graphics & Sound:

As ice begins to overrun the earth approaching from the north and the south plunging us into chaos as we fight for each scrap of land, I just want to say... thank God I am in Texas; I am closer to the equator. Battlefield 2142 takes place in, well you guessed it, 2142 as another ice age closes in. The powers that remain fight for every inch of the remaining natural resources. Oh and don't let me forget the trappings of sweet, sweet, glorious, flaming, mechanized death as you stomp around in battle walkers.

The graphics in this game make me beg to have the biggest and the baddest video card system, but alas I am working on it. This game is beautiful and the detail level for each model is painstakingly arranged. To sum it up quickly, this is a sexy game.

Ok, so nobody has a clue as to what an EMP detonation would sound like in real life. So, mind you, if I am standing next to one when it goes off, I am pretty sure it would sound exactly like it does here. The benefit of doing such a futuristic sound is that you get to play with such things and be more creative than realistic. That aside, I had no trouble believing that each of the weapons and vehicles would sound like they did.


Take out on foot. Take to the air. Roll over land and hill. Hover like a feather or stomp as a giant. No matter how you get there in Battlefield 2142, you are sure to wage war and havoc. There are the standard modes of gameplay available, such as Conquest, but the game mode de jour is Titan mode.

Titans are the aircraft carriers of the future. Floating on air with anti-gravity capability, they maneuver across the battlefield delivering death from above. They have to be brought down. In order to drop a Titan, you must get through its tough defense shield. You do this by taking command of and firing embedded anti-titan missile silos. These missiles will automatically fire their salvo at the enemies' Titan every two minutes or until you control them. After the shield has been dropped, you will continue to damage the Titan with the missiles. This takes time, so I suggest a more direct approach. Once the shield has dropped, board the enemy Titan, destroy the 4 core command consoles and breach the reactor core. Destroy the core, kill a Titan.

You must always be aware of what mode your enemy is in. Keeping the missile silos is ok, but if you are distracted doing this while they board your Titan and destroy it, then all is for naught. Be aware of your Titan's status and come to its defense when the time is right.

There are some cool new toys for the kits. In previous versions of Battlefield, you were stuck with whatever your kit was... period. Now there are a few more choices. In each kit, you have many special tools and two guns to unlock. This is done as you gain rank, just like Battlefield 2. You only have two special slots open for tools and you have a single "squad leader only" device slot. As a squad leader, you have access to unlock three tools. The first is the squad assault beacon. By placing this in a hot zone, you and your squad can spawn back there during firefights. This comes in handy when you drop it on Titans you are assaulting. Second is a squad based locater that will point out enemies to you and your squad. Third is the mobile gun turret that acts as a personal bodyguard every where you go. The new toys for specialty tools are EMP grenades and mines that render vehicles useless while you and your squad take them out. There is active camouflage so snipers can move from position to position like a ghost. This is also handy for capturing silos and flags unseen. There are barricades you can throw down to defend against short direct assaults while you and your squad retreat behind its cover, as well as mounted guns that are great for deterring enemy advance.

There are plenty of new vehicles to try out. The assault aircraft work like the F-35s from Battlefield 2 and transport fly like helicopters. Their is no real learning curve to them. There are traded tanks with turrets that spin just as you would expect, but there are new hover tanks. My favorite tank by far, these tanks have fixed turrets, but they can strafe and fire. The increased mobility takes a trained hand to operate with skill and they provide a unique moving target you will have to deal with. The introduction of battle pods which are fired from transport vehicles are your one way tickets to the Titans, and they add a unique transport element, allowing you to drop in on enemies. Last but not least is my friend and deliverer of sweet, sweet, glorious, flaming, mechanized death, the battle walker. My bi-pedal friend and I like to stand tall above the rest and dole out hot lead for everyone. They stick out like a sore thumb and get everyone on the battlefield's attention, but they can be brought down, and quickly, if done correctly.


It is you against man in this struggle to survive. The difficulty here comes from the unique operation of the new vehicles and all of the nuances for each new toy. These things come quickly and shouldn't even be talked about as being a part of difficulty. But for some, that may be what actually is the difficulty. I have checked out a bit of the Prima guide for 2142, and if you want to get a leg up, I suggest you pick it up. I here from friends joining in that they are tired of dying all of the time. You are going to get killed a lot. The gameplay and movement is just like Battlefield 2. In fact, you will see a little red "2" over names marking them as veterans. They have had a lot of time on you if you didn't play Battlefield 2. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!! Hang in there and learn. I know its learning through death and I know I have written many times I am not a big fan. But, it is so easy to pick up on some small things that will make you more successful and you will begin to be a prominent player quickly. So, stick in there.

Game Mechanics:

The great thing about all of the new toys and vehicles is the time DICE spent creating a balanced game. For every measure, there is a counter measure. You always have a fighting chance. There may be a hell of a battle to succeed, but you can do it. That makes having diversified squads even more important. You have to have a balance between anti-personnel and anti-vehicle. There is more than one way to make things go boom.

I love Battlefield 2142. It is the best game of the series so far. It takes all of the command structure from Battlefield 2 and adds the kit flexibility the community has asked for and smashed it together. An added plus of the futuristic weapons is that people won't get on the forums and whine that it doesn't fire like the real thing or it is too powerful. Mykett Bra, my Swedish friends, keep up the good work.

-WUMPUSJAGGER, GameVortex Communications
AKA Bryon Lloyd

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP with latest service pack installed, 1.7 Ghz or faster processor, 512 MB or more RAM, 128Mb DirectX compliant video card with Pixel shader 2.0 and above, 1.8Gb of space is required to install the game, 128kbit Cable/DSL internet connection, DirectX 9.0c February 2006 edition (included)

Windows XP with latest service pack installed, 3.0 Ghz or faster processor, 1.5 GB or more RAM, 256Mb DirectX compliant video card, Pixel shader 2.0 and above, 1.8Gb of space is required to install the game, 512Mb Cable/DSL internet connection, Sound Blaster X-Fi series from Creative Labs Sound card, DirectX 9.0c February 2006 edition (included)


Test System:

Windows XP Pro, 3.2 GHz P4HT CPU, 2 GHz Ram, 256 PCIE 16 ATI X300

Sony PlayStation 2 Just Cause Sony PlayStation 2 God Hand

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