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Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2

Score: 80%
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Digital Eclipse
Media: DVD/1
Players: 1 - 4 (Game Dependent)
Genre: Arcade/ Classic/Retro/ Action

Graphics & Sound:

For anyone that can appreciate the yesteryear of video game history, Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2 looks outstanding. Sure, the graphics and sound are outdated by todayís standards, but there was always something about the art of Capcom games that screamed gorgeously hand-drawn. Well, all of that nostalgia comes true once again in this latest release.

The audio, of course, is also extremely dated. And while some of the featured games can still hold there own in the audio department, many are very simple in nature, and very forgettable. If it werenít for the nostalgia present in Volume 2, the annoyance of audioís yesteryear may have gotten on my nerves.


Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2 contains a fairly large list of games, all with a wide variety of gameplay types. In the collection, youíll find everything from arcade hits like Street Fighter and, one of my favorites, 1941, down to little-known titles like Last Duel and Quiz & Dragons. In fact, the latter is one of the strangest games that Iíve seen in a long time. It combines RPG elements with trivia. Yes. Trivia.

There are 20 games in all, which help bring the old arcade experience home. Iím happy to say that there is something for everyone, including both single- and multi-player games. And while the games stay true to their originals, you can unlock bonus content, and even learn a bit of the history behind the games. One extremely great feature with Volume 2 is that you can save your game at any moment, and when you reload your save, youíll be exactly in the same position as you were when you left. Now donít you wish you could have had that option at the arcade when your mom dragged you away from Street Fighter kicking and screaming?

I have to say that Iíve been around the gaming community for over 20 years now, but there are titles in Volume 2 that I have never even heard of. This comes to be a bit of a disappointment, hoping that some other Capcom titles (like Mega Man) would be included in this multi-pack game. As is, there are only a handful -- maybe 6 or 7 of them -- of widely-known games. While some of the little-known games do have a bit of fun factor in them, most of the titles in the disc will likely only be played a few times because they just lack the draw that most good games contain. Overall, Volume 1 may have had more of a punch when it comes to a larger number of great games being included.


The difficulty levels within Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2 vary greatly depending upon the game. You canít even break it down by genre, really, because even within the side-scrollers, youíll come across very easy games like Mega Twins, yet hit up some more difficult games like Strider. However, the games do offer unlimited continues, so none of the games are truly as difficult as they were meant to be. The one game that gets me is the trivia-based RPG, Quiz & Dragons. The questions are actually a bit difficult to answer, and were obviously not originally intended for a younger crowd. Youíll also have to keep in mind that the questions were current nearly 15 years ago, so younger players will likely not know most of the answers anyway.

Game Mechanics:

Using a newer controller to play older titles can sometimes result in conflict, but not with the games present in Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2. In fact, before launching each title, there is a splash-screen describing the controls for that particular game. And since games back in the day had fewer buttons, most gamers (and some non-gamers) should be able to very quickly figure out how to maneuver through each and every game on the disc. In fact, if youíre still having problems, you can choose to remap the buttons to your liking, which is a great feature for older games like these.

Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2 is a good game for anyone who wants to relive the past, but there are really only a few top-notch titles to hold the interest of gamers. The games are, however, quite well done and recreate the originals to perfection. Youíll likely want to take a quick look at the list of games below to see if anything is of interest, and you may even want to try before you buy. But at only twenty dollars, it may be worth your money even if only a few titles spark your interest.

Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2

  • 1941: Counter Attack
  • Avengers
  • Black Tiger
  • Block Block
  • Captain Commando
  • Eco Fighters
  • The King of Dragons
  • Knights of the Round
  • Last Duel
  • Magic Sword
  • Mega Twins
  • Quiz & Dragons
  • Side Arms: Hyper Dyne
  • Street Fighter
  • Strider
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • The Speed Rumbler
  • Three Wonders
  • Tiger Road
  • Varth

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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