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Anarchy Online: Lost Eden - Student Review

Score: 70%
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: Funcom
Developer: Funcom
Media: Download/1
Players: 1 - Many

Graphics & Sound:

Lost Eden is the fourth expansion pack for the online game, Anarchy Online. After a horrible launch, with constant crashing and random bugs, Anarchy Online has come a long way in six years. This game is set in the year 29480, on a distant planet called Rubi-Ka. The planet is going through a civil war between the Omni-Tek Corporation, and the rebel clans. What better thing to add with this expansion pack than a giant laser-cannon that will blast your opponents from space? Three giant laser-cannons that can be fought for in massive player versus player battles on space stations.

The graphics, while not next generation, are still impressive. This expansion pack also added some new areas, such as the battle stations for PVP, and the new alien mother ships for team-based content. Lost Eden also added a variety of new weapons and armor, as well as impressive looking mechs that the player can use in PVP, if he feels the need.

The new music that was added with the game is just awesome. I'll sometimes go into the game's music folder to just listen to the tracks over and over again. The ambiance while you're sneaking through the alien mother ships, or the frantic music while you're being gunned down by another player just adds a whole different experience to playing Lost Eden.


Lost Eden adds a whole new element to the way Anarchy Online is played. Players now have the option to distribute the experience points they earn into a new "research pool," which allows them even more character customization than before. On top of that, they can choose to help out their side (Omni-Tek, rebel clans, or the neutrals) by researching weapon upgrades, specifically for the new mechs.

When the first expansion, Notum Wars, was released, it added the area of mass PVP, while players from opposing sides would try to fight for control of tower spots, which added bonus to the players who owned them. With Lost Eden, the new mechs and space-stations added a different aspect to the battles: tactics. No longer can players win by sheer numbers alone; they must now coordinate and plan ahead as to how many mechs to bring along and whether or not to use the space cannon (as it costs Victory Points to use).

Now, with the new mechs, players whose characters weren't specifically designed for PVP can now help out, as mechs are now a vital part of PVP. But players should still be weary of other players wielding rocket-launchers specifically designed for taking down the massive mechs. Mechs were a great way to add balance to the PVP system.

In the third expansion pack, Alien Invasion, players had the option to build cities for their own guilds, or organizations, as they're called in this game. But, with the new cities came a new threat: aliens. It's still unclear where these aliens originated from, but it's obvious that their technology is far superior to those on Rubi-Ka. Originally, the players could only be attacked by the aliens. Now with Lost Eden, players have the option of taking the fight to the aliens. This was one of the biggest selling points to the player base, as many of them didn't want to have to join an organization to enjoy the alien content. Now players can pick up a team, and not miss out on the alien content.


Anarchy Online, like any MMORPG, can be difficult at first. More than likely, you'll do what most players have done, and mess up your first character. Because Anarchy Online has such a vast skill system, it's easy to make mistakes that weren't necessarily intended for your chosen profession.

However, that is what makes Anarchy Online so successful; because there is no set path to follow, you can customize your character in any way you choose.

Game Mechanics:

This is where Lost Eden is flawed. With the new expansion pack, the graphic system hasn't been updated, and the lag can still be horrible. Because it is still running on the Directx7 engine, character animations are sometimes choppy, and loading times can sometimes take longer than needed. However, there are some rumors that Funcom is looking to upgrade the graphics engine to Directx9.

Also, even with the introduction of the new mechs, PVP is still somewhat unbalanced. Some of the professions still dominate in the PVP, while others are still at the very bottom. Combine the faulty PVP with the lag and therein lies the problem. With the addition of the new battle-stations, not everyone can enjoy them. There are still some issues to be worked out to allow more people to enjoy the battle stations, but, for now, those people will have to wait and hope for the best.

Anarchy Online: Lost Eden is available by digital download only at this time at the official website. Check it out here.

-Jason Guidry

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