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Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder

Score: 75%
ESRB: Not Rated
Publisher: RVL Games
Developer: RVL Games
Media: Download/1
Players: 1
Genre: Puzzle

Graphics & Sound:

Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder is a pretty solid, albeit basic, hidden object puzzle game that doesn't stray too far from the standard formula. As a result, it can be appealing to casual gamers who enjoy the genre, but might not be different enough for other gamers looking for something that will stand out.

The game's visual style conveys a comic strip feel, similar to a Dick Tracy or related series, and a lot of that seems to be the lack of animation. The story-advancing dialogue sequences and non-hidden object screens don't have a lot of activity going on in them. In fact, besides some stars denoting areas you can investigate, they are fairly static images.

The dialogue itself follows this trend by presenting word bubbles instead of voiceovers to advance the story. Once again, this adds to the comic strip feeling that is prevalent throughout the game.

Jane Croft actually has very little audio. In fact, I would be hard pressed to think of anything beyond the low-toned background music and the occasional sound effect as you select a hidden object or when the Hint button becomes available again.


Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder is, for the most part, pure hidden object. There is the occasional mini-game thrown in to mix things up a bit, but the number of hidden object screens far outnumbers any other aspect of the game.

Jane Croft is a crack-shot homicide detective who has a new case to solve. It seems the local millionaire has been found dead, shot six times, in a back alley behind 221B Baker Street (if the location doesn't sound familiar, you need to familiarize yourself with some classic crime novels). It isn't long into the investigation before Croft uncovers several potential murderers. It seems our murder victim liked to spend the night on the town and with a lot of ladies, despite his long-standing marriage. It also seems he has built up quite a large debt at the local casino. Naturally, the wife, the casino owner and the mistresses are all murder suspects, but its going to take crack investigation techniques, which apparently involve digging through rooms of oddly placed and proportioned junk, in order to find out who actually killed the victim.

As I said above, most of the game is hidden object. More often than not, you will be presented with a screen and a large list of items to click on and find. Once cleared, you will leave the scene and find another one where you will perform the same basic steps.

The mini-games that are thrown in to spice things up are everything from a cup-and-ball game to figuring out the key code to an electronic door lock to mixing chemicals to crossword and jigsaw puzzles. While not a lot, they do tend to break up the hidden object parts of the game quite well and keep the overall experience from getting tedious.


Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder isn't the hardest or easiest hidden object game I've played, but I never found myself utterly stumped or unable to find everything in the list. Of course, this is helped a lot by the Hint button that slowly rebuilds after use. I found that I had to use the button about once per screen, but the times when I found it necessary were typically when the list called for something that I had either never heard of before, or it was referring to an object that I called something else (the worst of these was the term "Skittle" for a bowling pin).

Outside of the hidden object parts, the mini-games had a good variety of difficulty. I found the key code puzzle to be pretty simple, while the cup-and-ball game took a couple of tries. Other games like the chemical mixing ones weren't really hard or easy, just a bit tedious as you had to select the correctly colored test tubes in order to make the presented solutions. Nothing really hard, just very repetitive.

Game Mechanics:

Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder doesn't really do anything all too unusual. Besides Jane Croft's fairly amusing story, the mini-games try and help make the game stand out. While it does make things a bit different, the overall product doesn't really stand above the other hidden object games that have been coming out lately. The Baker Street Murder doesn't really do anything wrong, it just doesn't stand out enough to really pop when sitting next to other titles from the genre.

All that being said, Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder won't disappoint the casual gamer looking for a basic hidden object game. Just don't expect anything too out of the ordinary and you will be fine. If you don't fall into that category, then you might as well pass this game up, but who knows, maybe the game's demo will pique your interest.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista, 800 MHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, DirectX 7.0, 114 MB Hard Disc Space

Test System:

Windows 7 Ultimate, Intel i7 X980 3.33GHz, 12 GB RAM, Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Card, DirectX 9.0c

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