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Score: 65%
ESRB: Mature
Publisher: Arush Entertainment
Developer: Digitalo Studios
Media: CD/1
Players: 1 - 32 (Multiplayer)
Genre: First Person Shooter

Graphics & Sound:

Almost any game using the Unreal engine these days is bound to look good, and Devastation is no exception. The scenery is gorgeous, and there is blood galore. Unfortunately, the physics system the developers implemented leaves something to be desired. People have rag-doll qualities to them, that is, when they die they flop to the ground in a manner that resembles a doll being dropped. Sometimes, though, dead enemies will 'sink' through things like tables and chairs as if they were in quick sand.

The sound scores average over all. The dialogue isn't horrible, something to be happy about in any video game, and the music doesn't get on your nerves. A built-in music player will let you switch to any track you want at any time you want, something that isn't too common these days. The weapon sounds are the best of the bells and whistles. They are loud and intimidating, and match the game's personality flawlessly.


Devastation is just your run of the mill first person shooter action game. The story line is thin and not easily believed; you live in a future where all technology is outlawed, yet there are still cars, weapons, and other manner of intelligent inventions to be found everywhere. You are part of the resistance against this oppressive government. Character development is weak, and most of the missions are boring and redundant. You're never quite sure why you're going to blow up this generator or look for some enemy base.

However, Devastation does make up for some of its flaws with the amount of action packed into it. There are a whole slew of weapons, and you can go two at a time with some of the smaller ones. The sniper rifle will leave half of your target's entrails splattered on the wall behind them, and there is even a katana that you can use when you feel like getting personal with someone.

Though Devastation is predominantly a regular old FPS, it does develop into squad based combat later on. You'll be accompanied by your allies during different levels, and you can give them orders to attack, defend, follow or stay where they are. In theory, this is a great idea. There are some later levels designed to make you defend one area while attacking another. The problem is that the squad AI is so horrible that your teammates are of almost no use to you. When you tell them to attack, they'll run in the opposite direction and then disappear. If you're lucky enough to get them to follow you, they usually watch as you are gunned down. Occasionally they get the urge to fight back, but they'll most likely get themselves killed in the process, and that spells game over for you.

Devastation's only saving grace is its Multiplayer mode. Fighting alongside real people who can actually think is a nice break from the frustrating single player mode. Though there aren't many different map types to play on, it does offer more variety than you'll see in the story driven missions.


The hardest part of Devastation will be trying to get through the levels without the aid of your teammates. It is possible, but the levels aren't designed to be solo missions, and since you have a bunch of brainless gun-toting mannequins at your side, things can get pretty intense. Another difficult aspect is trying to cope with the physics system. The ground is littered with objects that you can manipulate (i.e., pick up and kick). It is all too easy to start tripping over some boxes and chairs, though, as they seem to get stuck to your feet.

Game Mechanics:

Apart from issuing commands to your teammates, there isn't much difference between Devastation and any other FPS. You can hold as many weapons as you want, and there are quite a few of them. The feel of the game does seem to be a little too fast at times, though. Enemies will sprint around the place, making it extremely difficult to score a hit on them with the smaller firearms. The physics system plays another diabolical role here as well; both you and your enemies will 'bounce' on parts of the scenery, like barrels and small walls. It's a little weird in the beginning, but once you get the big guns, it doesn't really matter. 'Spray and Pray' becomes the name of the game at that point.

Though Devastation has some nice bells and whistles, and a pretty good concept for a unique playing experience, things just didn't come out right. Though the game has a small following, it will probably disappear into oblivion pretty soon. Had it been done right, however, Devastation could have been something to contend with on the market. If you're really curious, go ahead and try it out. Otherwise, look at the screen shots and make it a fond memory.

-Snow Chainz, GameVortex Communications
AKA Andrew Horwitz

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2K/XP, 700 MHz Processor, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB Hard Disk Space, 32 MB Video Card, 32K Modem for Internet play

Test System:

Windows 98, 1.4GHz AMD Athlon, GeForce 2 mx 32MB video card, 40 gig hard drive, 56x CD-ROM, 256MB DDR Ram, Sound Blaster Live! sound card, T1 Internet connection

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