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East Bay Ray and the Killer Smiles

East Bay Ray & The Killer Smiles is a self-titled album and another release by MVD Audio. Formed from the ashes of The Dead Kennedys, ex-lead vocalist Ray Peperrell (East Bay Ray) began the Killer Smiles in 1986 and the band is pretty reminiscent of the early styles of alternative radio. Ray still carries on the anger and energy from DK, while singer Skip McSkipster, bassist Greg Reeves, and drummer Steve Wilson of Tatu back him up.

Among the album tracks are "It's Broken," in which the band seems to experiment with underground nu metal, and "Raising The Stakes" which is simply classic punk at it's finest. Other songs like "You're Such A Fake", "The Runner and "The Hardest Part" are also perfect for a nasty mood, whether or not you're going through one. East Bay Ray and the Killer Smiles has a pretty good sound in my opinion, with beat and melody both perfect and vocals in place, and no intentional mess-ups and babble. This is one I recommend listening to during a party or just passing the time. Both fans of Dead Kennedys and East Bay Ray, as well as potential new fans, should enjoy this album.

-Ravebaby, GameVortex Communications
AKA Josh Daniel

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