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Safe Haven: Book 3 (Life After War)

Safe Haven: Book 3 (Life After War) picks up after the explosive reunion of Angela, Kenn and Brady and kicks into high gear with Kenn's return to Safe Haven with the newcomers in tow. Enigmatic Safe Haven leader Adrian immediately keys into Angela's innate energy and senses she may just be one the "chosen few," the special people he has been searching for in order to rebuild America - and he's right.

Kenn's place as Adrian's second-in-command is almost instantly shaken when people start to notice the freshly injured split lip on his beautiful wife and the way she shrinks away from him. While Kenn fights to get Angie to submit to his ways once again, he comes to realize that Brady has helped the old Angie to re-emerge and she is a force to be reckoned with. Adrian quickly recognizes her value to Safe Haven and Angie finds herself being accepted by Adrian's Eagles, the elite soldiers who serve him. While she is crushed to be separated from Brady as she waits to see if Kenn will let her go, Brady finds himself having to prove his own worth, but quickly doing so and being eagerly accepted by Neil, Seth and several of Adrian's other high-ranking command, even as Kenn's popularity wanes. Worst of all for Angie is the rejection she feels from her son, Charlie, and his intense anger at the arrival of Brady, although the boy is merely trying to get rid of Brady so that Kenn doesn't take out his rage on his mother.

Meanwhile, the Slavers' leader, Cesar, is plotting with twins Dean and Dillan to take over Safe Haven and have Angie's power for himself. His first step was to place a secret spy in Safe Haven and his second was to arrange for Samantha, the storm tracker, to "escape" with Rick, a white slave who is secretly in league with Cesar. They are found by Safe Haven and rescued, but as Sam tries to recover from her ordeal, Rick and the Mexicans plot the destruction of the camp.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in remote Pitcairn Island, seemingly untouched by the destruction faced by America, Kendall recovers. Having first been introduced in On the Road: Book Two, Kendall, a reality TV star and famed adventurer, survived a rogue wave that destroyed the cruise ship she and her sister were on, as well spent two months floating in a boat, scavenging from the debris-filled water. She finally arrives on dry land at Pitcairn and is rescued by Luke, a handsome Vietnam vet some 30 years her senior, and she can finally feel safe again. Or can she? The island's inhabitants don't seem to be aware of what is happening in America, so she and Luke spend the days gardening and just being with each other, although there is a strong attraction growing between the pair. Luke has plenty of secrets that keep him on the distant island living his life of solitude and will Kendall still feel for him when she discovers his secrets?

Safe Haven: Book 3 (Life After War) comes to a close following a dramatic rescue headed up by Angela and her gifts, as she and some of Adrian's Eagles embark on a side-mission to save some stragglers and score some gas for Safe Haven, even as the entire camp is on the move to stay a step ahead of Cesar and his men. As Angie senses the survivors, she also senses impending danger which manifests into a white hot ball of destruction, almost costing the life of a key member of Safe Haven. The reader is left on the edge, waiting for more, not knowing what the future holds for anyone at Safe Haven.

Book Four is due out shortly and I can't wait to see what is in store for the members of Safe Haven. Stay tuned!

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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