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D.O.A.: We Come in Peace

We Come In Peace is the latest by Vancouver band D.O.A., who are now nearing their 35th year in rock. D.O.A. have written songs about everything from politics to spousal abuse, and are considered to be the first "hardcore" punk band to evolve as the more commercial new wave was starting to take over. D.0.A: We Come In Peace pretty much relates the band's views, demonstrated in loud words, hard riffs, and pissed off attitude.

I've listened to the album, read liner notes' lyrics, props on the songwriting, and the punk tradition of a song within 5 chords. With everything in place for D.O.A: We Come In Peace, it seems they're milking the Occupy movement to its last drop with songs about fighting the establishment and taking what's yours -- but, then again, this is what punk has always been about. And, there are parts where Joey "Sh*thead" Keithly is desperately trying to be Oi!, but then I havenít listened to their other albums, so this just may be his style. Strictly underground alternative bands don't get a lot of attention in mainstream media, and since the late 70's, D.O.A. have put out more than 20 albums and stayed loyal with their small fan base.

Keithly has remained the sole writer and leader of D.O.A. since the beginning, and is behind each track on their latest release by Sudden Death Records. You'll hear guests like DK's Jello Biafra and fellow canuck Hugh Dillon chip in on the album. I recommend the album for underground rock fans only.

-Ravebaby, GameVortex Communications
AKA Josh Daniel

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