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Skylanders Giants: The Official Orchestral Score

Publisher: Activision

As of this writing, Iím roughly 10% of the way through Skylanders: Giants, so I still have a ways to go before my actual review is done (which, funny enough, should be posted by the time you read this). Iím far enough into the game to at least have an idea as to how well the soundtrack works within the context, however Iíll leave those thoughts for my review. I will say the two snap together perfectly, creating a very fun atmosphere for what is, so far, a stellar game.

Instead, I wanted to look at the soundtrack as its own thing. Yes, it works with whatís happening on screen, but that only goes so far. Game soundtracks within the game are one thing, but soundtracks that can stand on their own are something else entirely. Skylanders Giants: The Official Orchestral Scoreís biggest plus is it can stand completely on its own without in-game content backing it up. Since downloading the soundtrack, Iíve listened to it while working on other things around the house, running, and even as ambient background music in my office. Every time, it worked perfectly; offering just enough bounce and rhythm to help tasks go by, but it without being too overpowering or distracting.

Composer Lorne Balfeís soundtrack calls to mind several fantasy themes, which is a lot of fun. There are hints of everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Game of Thrones, but with a bolder, brighter tone than the aforementioned shows. Nothing about the track stands out as "iconic" or overly memorable (at least in the same way as the Zelda or Halo themes), but a couple of melodies will linger in your brain for bit.

Several melodies play with the official Skylanders theme, though the melody (when present) is really just there to thread the pieces together. Each of the fifteen included songs has their own style. There are bouncy jigs, such as "Cutthroat Carnival" and "Aerial Attack," and a few more adventurous themes like "Molekin Mountain" and "Glacier Gully." Each has its own way about it, which is a lot of fun and helps keep the experience fresh.

Fans will, no doubt, want to pick up Skylanders Giants: The Official Orchestral Score to add to your audio collection. It will bring a little Skylanders magic to your playlist and its a fun listen. Fans of game soundtracks may also want to give the tracks a preview.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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