GameVortex's Top Ten Games Of 1999
- PC -

  GT Interactive's Unreal Tournament was this year's top PC game, hands down. Games were selected by our reveiwers and voted on with a weighted system, but Unreal Tournament was both the highest rated and most popular PC title of 1999.
  Talk about having a good year! InterPlay had an excellent line-up this year, taking 4 out of the top 10 PC titles of 1999. With such hits as Planescape: Torment, Descent 3, Freespace 2, and Baldur's Gate DVD edition, InterPlay is cornering the market on high quality games.
  Red Storm's Rogue Spear provides an excellent sequel to its wildly popular and much heralded Rainbow 6. With brilliant A.I. and realism, this game has earned its spot among the best of this year.
  Half Life swept the 'best of' awards last year... and released a new version this year to 'celebrate', with some extras. I can only wonder if they intended for it to be in the running for best game of the year again... At any rate, when the cards are down, Half Life is still among the best games. And since the 'Game of the Year' edition was released in 1999, it (technically) is a valid contender. It always seems that the cutting edge games have longer staying power, doesn't it?



Best PC Game of 1999:
Unreal Tournament (Infogrames)


Planescape: Torment (InterPlay)


Rogue Spear (Red Storm)


Jane's USAF (Jane's)


Descent 3 (InterPlay)


Freespace 2 (InterPlay)


Baldur's Gate DVD (InterPlay)


Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Eidos)


Wheel of Time


Half Life
Game of the Year edition (Sierra/VALVe)