New Stuff and Sequels for Konami
Product: Konami's Console E3 Lineup
Company: Konami
Date: 05/21/2006
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So in addition to all of the portable titles Konami was showing at E3, they also had a few console games and next gen stuff to show as well.

DDR is back with three all new games for the PS2, Xbox and 360. DDR Universe for the Xbox 360 comes with 70 songs straight out of the box and another 200+ available for download. DDR Super Nova for the PS2 supports online multiplayer play and EyeToy support, along with a new Battle mode. DDR Ultramix 4 for the Xbox offers Xbox Live play, along with a new Relay mode where multiple players will follow each other in dancing a la a relay race.

In the karaoke department was Karaoke Revolution: American Idol. They are keeping the wraps pretty tight on this one until it's ready to be shown, however rest assured the old modes will be present, along with an all new American Idol experience. You'll go from the tryouts all the way to the big stage, with the well-known judges criticizing you the whole way. This one is being developed by someone (Blitz Games) other than the previous games (Harmonix), so I am anxious to see how it all shakes out.

Hellboy was also mentioned at the show and is coming out for the 360 and the PS3. It's based on the movie and comic of the same name, so let's hope they do it justice. Also, Coded Arms Assault is slated for the PS3, as we mentioned here.

Stay tuned and we'll provide info as we get it.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

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